Anglian Water Finds More Robust Solution Using TuffTrak® Ground Protection Mats

TuffTrak® started working with Anglian Water in 2012 after joint discussions on their requirements for a more robust solution for ground protection for their heavy duty projects.

Anglian had been using mats for access into fields for biosolids distribution for some time and had an existing supply of mats that were starting to deteriorate. Their mats consisted of a combination of metal and rubber which had become a health and safety hazard as the metal began protruding from the mats. This caused a health and safety risk for not only the on site personnel but also the risk it posed to the tires of the vehicles and machinery.

With a constant stream of fully loaded vehicles weighing 44 tonnes accessing and leaving the site as quickly as they can to load and unload, it was important for Anglian Water that their new ground protection solution could easily perform in the most adverse conditions. 

A Better Choice in TuffTrak®

TuffTrak® is the market leaders in providing high quality ground protection solutions. TuffTrak® ground protection mats are manufactured from recycled High Density Polyethylene, making them extremely resilient. Weather, water, oil and chemical resistant, TuffTrak® mats eliminate any risk of cross contamination between sites. Their specially designed construction makes TuffTrak® mats ideal for use in conditions like the works carried out by Anglian Water.

TuffTrak® mats are quick to deploy, connect, and clean ensuring that sites can be cleared and set up easily, improving efficiency on projects. Anglian Water use a 360 excavator to remove any spoil residue from the mats and pile them up so that they are ready to be collected and mechanically lifted for use on Anglian Water’s next project.

TuffTrak® XT

TuffTrak® XT

Initially, Anglian Water purchased the TuffTrak® XL mats, but have recently included the use of our new extreme TuffTrak® XT ground protection matting. The TuffTrak® XT has been specially designed for use in even the most extreme conditions and features an overlap connection system which fits each mat seamlessly together. This 200 mm overlap on all sides ensures excess mud or water stays below the mats and provides a safer roadway or working platform. The unique TuffTrak® Four3™ connection system for use with the TuffTrak® XT allows for the creation of a work pad or a roadway, and offsetting the connections enables the creation of curves and changes of direction with ease.

The TuffTrak XT® will give the contractors a cleaner working area and an option for quicker installation, plus a sturdier platform in very wet and soft areas.

Listening and responding to customers is at the heart of TuffTrak®’s success, we are continually working with Anglian Water and its customers to ensure we are constantly improving the design for our customers as we strive to be at the forefront of the industry.

TuffTrak® would like to thank Anglian Water for their valued partnership and we look forward to working together on more projects in the future.

TuffTrak® Ground Protection Solutions

TuffTrak® understands that ground conditions play a significant role in field operations and projects that need access to remote sites. Wet, muddy or uneven ground conditions can cause projects to be delayed or even halted. This can lead to significant commercial loss such as unrecoverable management time, loss of reputation
and effect on future workloads. Unstable ground conditions are also a frequent cause of minor incidents and near misses on sites. Even worse, complete failure of the ground has caused serious injuries and fatalities.

TuffTrak® is the market leader in temporary access roads and ground protection solutions. We are committed to making quality products and delivering the highest levels of performance, quality and value. TuffTrak® has a full range of market leading composite ground protection mats delivering a safer working environment for temporary access roadways, trackways, and working platforms for any application. Our mats are highly resilient even in the most extreme weather and ground conditions. With our diverse range of ground protection mats, TuffTrak® is able to provide you with a ground protection solution for any application.