Anyone for cricket!

Any one for cricket!! It’s not only muddy fields that customers require protecting. TuffTrak is used on farmland and areas of environmental interest but here is some nice new tarmac.

Transmission Project

It’s a crazy busy Friday again for TuffTrak customer, Grassform, as they finish off this mammoth 3 kilometre long temporary trackway installation on a large overhead line transmission project!

Chevron Duri Operation

Below are onsite pictures of TuffTrak’s Heavy Duty TTXT overlap roadway mat at the Chevron Duri Drilling Operation. Because of its impressive performance and grip.

Composite Mats vs Wood: Why Switching From Wood Could Save You Thousands!

Plywood is the most popular and cheapest form of wooden ground protection. There are a number of different options for wood mats such as softwood or hardwood, and solid or laminated plywood. They are usually used for steel tracked vehicles and the load ratings are indefinitive and can vary from sheet to sheet, and the load capacity also deteriorates over time. Although plywood is a cheaper option, this type of ground protection has many downsides and are not cheaper in the long term due to their shorter life expectancy compared to polyethylene mats.

Anglian Water Find More Robust Solution Using TuffTrak® Ground Protection Mats

Anglian Water Finds More Robust Solution Using TuffTrak® Ground Protection Mats TuffTrak® started working with Anglian Water in 2012 after joint discussions on their requirements for a more robust solution for ground protection for their heavy duty projects. Anglian had been using mats for access into fields for biosolids distribution for some time and had […]

Veolia Water Japanese Knotweed Contamination Prevented Thanks to TuffTrak® Mats

The Threat of Japanese Knotweed Veolia were starting work on a water treatment works project where the route to the site had an abundant overgrowth of one of the world’s worst invasive non-native plant species, Japanese knotweed. Japanese knotweed spreads rapidly and can grow as tall as 2.1 m (7ft). Due to its ability to […]