TuffTrak Customer Testimonials

“The TuffTrak provided a solution to an everyday problem, that we as a company are continually faced with.  We have several jobs starting in the Olympic Park in September and we intend to use the TuffTrak® for various applications, from access to ground bearing solutions.”

“Many thanks for all your help and support in supporting our plant, whilst we support our industries very foundations”.

Chris RobinsonManaging Director of Dawson Contract Piling Ltd

“Without SureTrak™ mats, we would not have been able to access the job site, and we could not afford the loss of work days due to weather delays. SureTrak™ mats enabled us to take our pump service rig onto wet ground without the risk of damaging the ground or getting the rig stuck and having to worry about tow truck bills. New South’s SureTrak™ mats helped us save both time and money”.

Ryan HendersonDonald Smith Co.

“TuffTrak™ mats are lifesavers. The size and composition of the mats make them easy to load on a truck and move around the job site. I have run anything from fully loaded concrete trucks to large drilling rigs on the mats multiple times without any problems. We have used other composite mats in the past but TuffTrak™ mats are the best we’ve used”.

Paul PughPower Source

“SureTrak™ mats have proved to be a superior product for our use as an electrical transmission contractor. The benefits of SureTrak™ mats are unsurpassed as they are lighter, more durable, have a non-slip surface, much easier to handle and do not damage sensitive areas. When you don’t need a forklift to move a mat, you’ve saved a project manager time, money and scheduling issues. And, the durability of these mats is hard to compete with – we have never had one break”.

Jimmy BowenL.E. Myers

‘‘I like the TuffTrak™ mats much more than other composite mats we have used in the past. TuffTrak™ mats are much more durable and have much better traction – they simply don’t tear up and break like hollow composites”.

John DelayR. W. Harris, Inc.

Why did IreTrak take on the Zigma® product range as opposed to other ground protection and temporary access solutions?
“The EuroMat® and TuffTrak® are unique products, they are not only the best performing products on the market but they are also the most environmentally friendly, not only from a manufacturing point of view but also from the transportation side.  Both products are lighter than existing market solutions saving the customer money by offering reduced transport costs, also resulting to more mats being shipped per load. Overall, this provides a reduction in fuel used; less C02 is being emitted, plus allowing us to install the mats faster helping the customer complete their project quicker and more cost efficiently”

Sean Keane, MD